Time Presentation type Session Lecture
Wednesday – September 27, 2017
07:00 Registration
08:30 Pre Congress Course
18:00 Opening ceremony
18:30 Joint session 30 years of IFIC/APECIH
Thursday – September 28, 2017
08:30 Plenary symposium 1 Antibiotic resistance Epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance
Antibiotic stewardship as part of the prevention strategy
From strategy to reality
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Keynote lecture 1 Achieving quality in IPC: where have we reached and what challenges lie ahead.
Candace Friedman
11:30 Pro-con debate 1 Is hand hygiene the “be all & end all” of IC?
Linda Greene and Egil Lingaas
12:15 Light lunch break and poster rounds
14:00 Roundtable 1 Prevention of HAI in Burns patients Issues of infection in Burns patients
Prevention of infection in Burns Units
Outbreak detection & control
Free papers Oral delegate free papers
Workshop 2 Implementation science in prevention of HAI Implementation of behaviour change strategies
Implementation at the bedside
Adios Bacteremia: implementing a multi-national IPC project
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Roundtable 3 Economics and HAI How to compare the cost-benefits of new technologies
The CDC experience: investment to promote prevention
Workshop 4 If i had $10,000, which IPC intervention would I choose?
Workshop 5 Controversies in endoscope processing What’s new in endoscope processing
Biofilms in Endoscopy
Friday – September 29, 2017
08:30 Plenary symposium 2 Core components of Infection Control programmes Traversing across countries and economics: the critical components of an IPC programme
Perspective for Latin-America and Caribbean
Difficulties in implementing core IPC components
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Keynote lecture 2 Innovative and multidisciplinary approach for HAI prevention & control
Anna Sara Levin
11:30 Pro-con debate 2 Control of resistant Gram negative organisms cannot be achieved without contact precautions
Mirian Dalben and Michael Borg
12:15 Light lunch break and poster rounds
14:00 Roundtable 6 Learning from epidemics outside hospitals Ebola
Free papers Oral delegate free papers
Workshop 7 Environmental issues Navigating the maze of disinfectants: what to look out for.
Waste management in low and middle income countries
Measuring cleanliness on surfaces: is technology helping?
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Workshop 8 IPC in neonatal settings / haematology Neonatal
Workshop 9 My favourite infection control publications in 2016
Roundtable 10 Public policies and IPC What are the main drivers for public policies in HAI?
Influence of regulators & targets
Saturday – September 30, 2017
08:30 Plenary symposium 3 SSI WHO SSI prevention guidelines
SSI Prevention Strategies in Latin America
OneTogether – tools for preventing surgical site infections
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Keynote lecture 3 Implementing effective education in IPC
Pola Brenner
11:30 Keynote lecture 4 An overview of the past and perspectives for the future of HAI prevention & control
Denise Cardo
12:30 Closing ceremony Closing of the congress
Distribution of scholarship grants and best poster awards